Methods for Reducing Wear of Rails

reducing wears of rail

The following methods are adopted for reducing wear of rails

1. Use of Special Alloy Steel

At places where, wear of rail is considerable, special alloy steel rails are used. The cost of such rail is more but considerable reduction of wear of such rails justifies the extra cost.

2. Good Maintenance of Track

The track should be carefully looked after and joints should be tightened if they become loose. A well maintained track would definitely result in less wear of rails.

3. Reduction of Expansion Gap

If the expansion gap has increased beyond a certain limit, it should be reduced by packing the sleepers at the joints and tightening fish bolts. This will result in the reduction of wear of end of rails.

4. Exchange of Inner and Outer Rails on Curves

Mostly on curves, where there is heavy wear at the top of head of inner rail and heavy wear of the side of head of outer rail then the top wear rail is exchanged with the side wear rail and thereby life of rail is increased.

5. Use of Lubricating Oil

The wear of rails can also be reduced by applying lubricating oil on curves on the side of head of rails. The lubrication of rails can be carried out manually or by mechanical equipment attached to locomotive for rail.


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