Laying of Sewer Pipes – Laying of Sewage Pipes

installation of sewer pipes

Steps in Laying of Sewer Pipes / Sewage Pipes

The installation of sewage pipe consist of the following steps.

1. Locate the positions of the manhole on the ground along the longitudinal section of the sewer line. It is common practice to lay sewer line between two manholes at a time.

2. The center line pegs of the sewer are driven at a distance of every 7.5 m or 15m.

3. The center line of the sewer line should be properly maintained by providing an off-set line usually marked at a distance of 2m to 3m. The off-setline helps in locating the sewer center line when excavation is carried out to laying of sewer pipe.

4. The trench is excavated between two manholes and the bedding layer of concrete is provided for soft soil while in case of rocky or hard soil, no bedding. The sewers are laid down between two manholes.

5. After completing the laying of sewer pipe between two manholes. Further excavations are carried out for laying of sewer pipe between the next consecutive manholes. The process is continued form the outfall end of the sewer towards the starting end till the entire sewers is laid out.

6. The refilling of trenches is started after the sewer line is properly laid in position, aligned, jointed and test for leakage and alignment.