Airport – Definiton of Airport | What is Airport


What is Airport

Any defined area on land or water including all the buildings, installations etc which is intended to be used for the landing and takeoff operations of an aircraft is called aerodrome.

Airport is basically an aerodrome which is intended to be use for the commercial activities. Airport may be internal or domestic. Highways, waterways and railways are important for the development of any nation but in present age where people are time conscious, the importance of airways and air transport is not avoidable.

Air transport is the quickest and efficient means of transportation of goods and people from one place to another either inside or outside the country. The air transport is helpful in improving the exports and imports. Thus, air transport is necessary for the economic development of any country. Due to the importance of airport, airport engineering has been introduced as a measure subject. It involves the design and construction of various facilities of an airport which are necessary for its efficient working.


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